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Shiatsu/Shin Tai Reprinted 
Shiatsu Shin Tai, first published in 1996, has just been reprinted.  With 240 pages of detailed technique directions, excellent photographic instruction, and unique information on touch, evolution, and the role of bodywork in the expansion of human consciousness, it can offer any bodywork practitioner a wealth of knowledge and support.
Shiatsu Shin Tai
Shiatsu Shin Tai
  • Postural evaluation
  • Passive spinal & hip correction
  • Reorganizing the body/mind information system
  • General release of the central channel
  • Unwinding of the atlas & axis
  • Introduction to the priority and sequence of treatment
  • Synthesis of Eastern/Western techniques & philosophy
  • The key role of bodywork in evolution
The material of the book is identical to the first edition, and is available in English.   
Each copy is $49.50.


Author Saul Goodman is the founder and former director of the International School ofShiatsu. He has been practicing and teaching since 1977, and has inspired many people throughout the world to discover the benefits of practicing shiatsu. He has developed shin tai from years of working with the body, and discovering the relationship between the body resonance and the flow of life force. Saul has developed a unique way to reestablish the proper spatial relationship of the body by activating the client’s own inner force.


Saul’s books include The Book of Shiatsu and Light Body Activation, which offers dialogue and practices for integrating the vibrational shifts taking place in the current stages of evolution. Future publications include books on hara treatment and chakra healing.
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